Operation: Kill All The Germs!


This is the face of a 4 year old who thought it would be a good idea to stick his mouth on a public door handle 🙈🤢

It was the same week I got texts from 4 different friends asking what natural remedies work for kiddos Strep Throat or Hand, Foot and Mouth…so with all that going around I figured we were doomed!! 😷

I went into “Operation: Kill all the Germs” and used some things I know naturally strengthen the immune system…and NO SICKNESS!!! Considering we both have autoimmune issues and used to get sick monthly, it was some serious proof that natural prevention does work!! We’ve both gone 5 months now with no illnesses (and no doctor visits, meds, co pays or missing out on life!) 🙌🎉🙏

If you’re tired of the back to school germs already, there are ways to protect your kiddos and your family 💕 You don’t have to just “deal with it” when it comes to illness, because feeling helpless as a mom stinks 🙈Just let me know & I can type up what all we used and how, if that would be helpful 👍

PS I waited 3 weeks to make this post, just to be sure I didn’t jinx it 😂🤣😂

Transformation – Annie P.


“I know how to shop and cook for healthy things my family will actually eat…and it doesn’t take a ton of time or cost any more than what I used to spend on junk food!” 🥗🥙🥘🍳🍎

I’m so proud of this girl, it’s amazing to see how she has really changed her life (and her entire family’s lives!) for the better 💕

I met Annie right after she was diagnosed with a major digestive disease, and she wanted to start eating a little better to prevent things from getting worse (and get off her meds 🙌). She knew intuitively that one issue will lead to another, and didn’t want to start down that path, especially when she is only in her 20s and has two young kids!

Over the last 6 months, I’ve had the joy of working with her on taking one small step at a time as her health coach. We’ve
🍎Grocery shopped together
🥙Gone out to eat (good excuse for a girls’ night!)
🧘‍♀️Taken yoga classes
🥪Gone through her kitchen and talked about healthy food swaps that her kids would still enjoy 😉

And wow, has she really soared!! She‘s
👉Gotten off multiple meds
👉Started sleeping better and has more energy
👉Helped her family eat healthier, and actually enjoy it
👉Learned how to read food labels and pick healthier options at the store

“My son asked for carrots the other night before bed. Carrots!! 🥕 And for breakfast my daughter, will eat whole grain waffles, eggs and fruit instead of sugary cereal. 🙌

My husband is pretty exciting I’m actually cooking now too! Nothing fancy, but I have a good rotation of about 10 meals I’ve learned to make that everyone loves, and doesn’t always realize are healthy (fajitas, tacos, crock pot chicken, etc.)”

If you’ve seen changes like this in your own life, you know what a big deal they can be so please show Annie some love below 💕 Or if you’re looking to get where she is, but just need some helping getting started, reach out cause I’m here for you! I’ll help you learn at your own pace, go shopping at the store with you, come cook with you in your home … and have fun in the process!!! 😍 #healthcoachingrocks

Does Your Vitamin Make A Difference?


This baby is officially half-baked 💕🤰🏼👶🏼 #20weeks Though I think you never quite stop holding your breath until they are in your arms, right mamas? 😉 #letgoletgod

I’ve had a few questions about which prenatal vitamin I take … I switched to whole-foods based vitamins right around the time I got pregnant, and they are working better than any vitamin (regular or prenatal) that I’ve tried 😍😍😍

Whole foods are better absorbed than lab created synthetic vitamins, and you can feel the difference within a few days! My energy, stress levels and memory are SO much better now, even with #babybrain and hormones, that’s really saying something 😂🙌If you have questions about vitamins, just comment below and I’d be glad to help you out. 

PS I saw this shadow and it was too funny to pass up… baby bump selfie with our pumpkin family 😂🎃

Natural Ant & Bug Repellent

fullsizeoutput_6ea9So this is kinda gross, but our kitchen was being invaded by ants!! 🐜🐜🐜 Anyone else have an issue with this in the summer?

I didn’t want to spray chemicals near our food 🍏🍒🥒🌮 or in the house where it could get on my son’s skin (or any of our skin really!) Poison to bugs is still poison to us, just on a smaller scale…but it all adds up over time 🙈 Most insecticides kill bugs by poking holes in their stomachs, so it make sense the same thing can happen to us. No wonder we all have so many gut health/allergy/anxiety issues!!

I cut some cotton pads into quarters, then put 1 drop each of pure lemon, peppermint and clove oils on them. After scattering them around the kitchen, we haven’t seen an ant for days!! 🎉🎉🎉 

Have you tried any natural remedies that worked even better than you expected?