Operation: Kill All The Germs!


This is the face of a 4 year old who thought it would be a good idea to stick his mouth on a public door handle 🙈🤢

It was the same week I got texts from 4 different friends asking what natural remedies work for kiddos Strep Throat or Hand, Foot and Mouth…so with all that going around I figured we were doomed!! 😷

I went into “Operation: Kill all the Germs” and used some things I know naturally strengthen the immune system…and NO SICKNESS!!! Considering we both have autoimmune issues and used to get sick monthly, it was some serious proof that natural prevention does work!! We’ve both gone 5 months now with no illnesses (and no doctor visits, meds, co pays or missing out on life!) 🙌🎉🙏

If you’re tired of the back to school germs already, there are ways to protect your kiddos and your family 💕 You don’t have to just “deal with it” when it comes to illness, because feeling helpless as a mom stinks 🙈Just let me know & I can type up what all we used and how, if that would be helpful 👍

PS I waited 3 weeks to make this post, just to be sure I didn’t jinx it 😂🤣😂

Transformation – Michelle S.


Michelle has two young boys and works night shift as a Pediatric RN. She had lost over 15lbs. and several pants sizes following an eating plan/workout routine, but then LIFE happened (we’ve ALL been there right?!) 😉 But she knew she wanted to prevent long-term health issues like high cholesterol and diabetes, so she could be there for her family for many years to come! 

After working together to find a more maintainable lifestyle of balanced healthier choices, Michelle sent me this message that totally made my day: “I’m sleeping better, and feel better all around. It’s nice to be apart of a group of ladies that support each other and are so positive 💕 I love being around like-minded people that are striving to be their best.🙌

I’m so proud of you lady, for making the decision that NOW is the time to take back your health and energy!!! It’s all about progress, not perfection. And thank you for being such an AWESOME motivator, you make our group so much fun 🎉🎉🎉  Seeing you make your health a priority, even with working shifts and being busy with your boys, is super inspiring!!!

Chocolate Covered Cherry SUPERFOOD Smoothie

Chocolate Covered Cherry Superfood Smoothie! GLUTEN-FREE, DAIRY-FREE, Thyroid Friendly

TRUTH: I used to despise all smoothies/shakes…maybe because the only ones I had really encountered were those prepackaged weight loss shakes or gritty protein powders?

After becoming a mom, I realized that smoothies were an EASY way to get a dense dose of nutrition into my daily routine…and tons of healthy things that I would never be able to fit in with basic foods alone, even as I’m eating better and having salads DAILY. Plus it literally takes me 2 minutes to blend up each morning!

I truly have seen a difference in my energy, cravings, anxiety, and metabolism just by consistently starting my day off with a superfood smoothie each day.

I prefer Vegan Shakeology because:
#1 It’s got 70+superfoods (not just protein!)
#2 It’s sustainably sourced and high quality
#3 It’s dairy & gluten free (important when you are looking to reduce inflammation & thyroid/autoimmune symptoms)
#4 It actually TASTES GOOD when you find your perfect blend/recipe!

Here’s on of my favorite ways to mix it up…who else is into smoothies for a quick healthy meal? Share in the comments below how you like to mix yours up!

8 oz unsweetened almond, cashew or coconut milk
1/2 cup ice
1 cup raw spinach
1 scoop Shakeology Superfood blend
1/2 cup frozen cherries

1) Add ingredients in the above order.
2) Blend REALLY well, in a high speed blender, to ensure it’s a creamy, thick consistency.
3) Enjoy in place of one meal or snack to give you a natural energy boost!

If you’d like more info on Shakeology, just fill out the “Contact Me” section of the site and I can provide you with more resources to help you in your research!

21 Day Fix Container Equivalent: 1 red protein, 1 green veggie