If you have a *servant’s heart* along with a passion for HEALTHIER LIVING and you’re looking to truly find your PURPOSE…you can make a lasting impact (and even an income) helping others learn to be healthier and happier like I have, WITHOUT having to go back to school  ❤

I truly believe that being worn out, lacking social connection with other women, and feeling unfulfilled in with our career situation is NOT how God meant us to live our lives.  I spent far too many years like that, I can’t imagine going back!

My team of busy wives/moms/career women are making POSITIVE CHANGES in this world as online nutrition & fitness coaches, all while also constantly working on our OWN journeys too ❤ We work together to build our mindset and stay connected to one another through virtual team chats and trainings …we fuel our bodies with healthier foods….and we exercise consistently (because our own health/fitness truly is our business!)

I LOVE to pay this forward by welcoming new like-minded ladies into our community… connecting with other positive people who are into nutrition and fitness, that totally “GET” why we make time to take care of the bodies & minds we’ve been blessed with, is a breath of fresh air 😉

A year ago I was able to leave my part-time corporate job because I had been building my online nutrition/fitness business part time from home….after feeling unfulfilled for FARRRRR too long, it was awesome to realize I could turn my passion into not just a hobby but a career!

Plus getting to set my own schedule so I can be present for my family, surround myself only with POSITIVE ladies whose hearts are in the right place, and make workout clothes my “unofficial” uniform is pretty sweet too 😉

If you’re a go-getter who wants to change not just YOUR life circumstances, but really help others learn how to eat real food, exercise, and FEEL REAL GOOD, then you might be a perfect fit for our online coaching team too ❤

You don’t need to be perfect or have a fancy certification or degree, I’ll mentor you every step of the way AND you get access to top trainings and programs designed by some of the best nutritionists and trainers around!

I totally think it’s been worth living a few years like the rest of the world WON’T (focused on doing the work to consistently help others vs. feeding my reality TV addiction) so I can live the rest of my life like many people CAN’T (making lifelong friends from across the country, building a biz with minimal upfront investment, spending more time with my family, saving $$ for things that are important to us, and all kinds of travel opportunities).

It doesn’t happen overnight, this is all about building a sustainable biz over the long term by truly INVESTING in others. But luckily I can make it a little EASIER for you because I’ve been through it!!

Whether you want to build a part-time work from home business at your own pace, or go all-in and create an amazing career helping others, the training, support and COMMUNITY of positive, uplifting women on our team is here with open arms, ready to help you realize your true potential ❤

If I could do it while juggling work, an infant, and all the responsibilities of having a new home (when I began, my husband was working 60-70 hours a week and traveling frequently, while getting a degree in his “spare time”) then I know I can help you fit it into your schedule too…if you have the heart, the hustle and the desire, ANYTHING is possible ❤

Think this could be a great fit for you too? Send me an email at or use the “Contact” tab so we can talk more about the details, we are always welcoming new ladies into our amazing team.