screen-shot-2017-01-22-at-10-24-12-pmHave you ever felt OVERWHELMED trying to figure out exactly how to eat healthy, and make it fit into your crazy *busy* schedule?

I know I sure did!!! Especially as a wife and mom who was suffering from all kinds of THYROID & AUTOIMMUNE symptoms that left me too tired and worn out to really care WHAT I ate most days.

There is SO much information out there, and it can be tough sorting through all the fads to determine out how to fuel your body for true, lasting HEALTH, better metabolism and energy, and even SYMPTOM RELIEF from thyroid or autoimmune issues. Because in my experience, just upping my meds was NOT cutting it!

So when I found a healthier eating routine that actually WORKED for me, that just involved eating A LOT of real foods (in the right amounts/ratios without being obsessive), fueling my body with a dense dose of superfoods (no pills or magic potions, just a smoothie that actually tastes good), and working out at home for 30 minutes 5 days a week… I knew I HAD to pay it forward and start sharing it with other women too!

If I could go from sleeping 9+ hours a night and still feeling EXHAUSTED all day, and carrying around an extra 20 pounds of weight my entire adult life….to being ENERGIZED all day after 7 hours of sleep, in *better shape* post-baby than I was as a teenager, and maintaining this lifestyle over time, then that is worth shouting from the freaking rooftops right?! And the best part – it was wayyyyyy simpler than I thought it would be!

So here’s what I do to make it EASIER for other ladies who are looking to eat healthier, feel better and get long-term results:

#1 We work together in a private online group to learn the basics of a healthier lifestyle, step by step. You learn what healthy eating TRULY is, and get a flexible nutrition plan to follow with complete family-friendly meal plans, recipes and even a shopping list! Plus we learn an easy method for portion control and staying on track (no counting macros/calories, it’s much simpler than that!)

#2 We use my fave clean eating superfood smoothie blend that is seriously a busy mama’s BFF, because it’s a quick meal that also helps boost my energy, metabolism and immune function while leveling hormones (my anxiety is so much better!) and reducing cravings and inflammation (one of the root causes of many thyroid/autoimmune issues)…without any artificial sweeteners, soy, GMOs, etc.

#3 And you pick out a super efficient workout program you can do quickly at home while still getting awesome results, if you don’t already have a good routine in place.
The best part? Doing this TOGETHER, in small private group setting with other ladies who GET your struggles and are also there to celebrate every small victory along the way. We aren’t perfect, we are just real-life wives and moms, trying to improve our own health and confidence so we can live our best lives, for us and for our families ❤

Curious if this could be a good fit for you too? Send me an email at or use the “Contact” tab, and we can chat more about your specific goals and what all we do in our online community!  It does require a small investment in your health, but I can honestly say it’s the best investment I have ever made…because it gave me back my life!

I can’t wait to help you on your journey to being happier and healthier, so you can better live out your God-given purpose!

❤ Cortney


*This group is open to anyone not currently working with an online nutrition/fitness coach!