What is Health Coaching?

screen-shot-2017-01-22-at-10-24-12-pmHave you ever felt OVERWHELMED trying to figure out exactly how to eat and live healthier, and make it fit into your crazy BUSY schedule?

I know I sure did!! As a wife and new mom, I was too tired most days to really care WHAT I ate. But I also knew that if I wanted to improve my health issues, lose some weight and have the energy to truly LIVE and ENJOY my life, something had to give!

In order for me to help my family and others, I had to start making sure I was taking care of myself too. But there is SO much information out there, and it can be tough sorting through all the latest fads to determine out how to fuel your body for true, lasting HEALTH, better metabolism and energy, and even find SYMPTOM RELIEF from health issues (diabetes, IBS/GERD, thyroid, autoimmune, etc.).

That led me to a Healthier Lifestyle Coach, who helped me take BABY STEPS toward creating a LIFESTYLE (not a diet!) that actually worked long term. I realized how food truly impacted my mood, energy and health. Making small changes was much easier than I thought, all it took was the right information and a little accountability:

  1. Learning how to eat more real foods my family actually LIKED, in the right amounts for my body type without being obsessive (It’s all about progress, not perfection!)
  2. Moving a little, exercising 4-5 days a week at home for 30 minutes in ways I didn’t dread.
  3. Locking arms with a coach and finding other women to help me make these changes in a way that actually fit into my lifestyle. A little accountability is a game changer!

If I could go from feeling EXHAUSTED all day, carrying around an extra 20 pounds of weight and, dealing with anxiety & thyroid symptoms for over a decade….to having ENERGY again, feeling good, and being in better shape post-baby than I was as a teenager, then I knew other busy ladies could too! 

I decided to go back to school so I could pay this new-found freedom & knowledge forward to other ladies who are looking to eat healthier, feel better and get long-term results. There is truly nothing more rewarding than seeing the impact it has on their health, their confidence and their entire family!

How can you get in on this too, and find ways to make Healthy Living easier?

  • Personal health coaching (virtually or in person) to help you create a custom routine based on YOUR specific health goals, lifestyle and desired pace! Together we explore different eating styles, exercise options, mindset techniques and ways to enhance all areas of life through HOLISTIC HEALTH.
  • Our online Real Life Healthy Eating Sisterhood, a private accountability  group filled with other busy ladies who are working on taking small steps every day to better health! You get a basic flexible meal plan, superfoods and quick at home workouts (if you don’t have a good routine already!) We share recipes, struggles, successes and help lift each other up.
  • Group Workshops on topics like Easy Meal Planning, Healthier Eating for Families, and Eating/Exercising for Better Thyroid Health.


Curious if this could be a good fit for you too? Send me an email at CoachCortneyGraham@gmail.com or use the “Contact” tab, and we can chat about the details. I can honestly say deciding to take back my health by focusing on SMALL STEPS was truly the best investment I have ever made…because it gave me back my life!

I can’t wait to help you on your journey to being happier and healthier, so you can better live out your God-given purpose too.

❤ Cortney


*This group is open to anyone not currently working with an online nutrition/fitness coach!