IMG_2889.JPGIf you’re looking for successes stories & transformations from some of the awesome ladies I’ve gotten to work with 👉 click here! 👈 😍 Or check out my story:

 CONFESSION: I’m a former junk food junkie who still loves my chocolate and occasional treats! 🍫🍕🥓 🍪 I spent my childhood eating pop tarts, my teens yo-yo dieting, and my 20’s not  taking care of myself like I should….thinking hours on an elliptical  would erase all the  ice cream & cookies I’d have late at night! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

I tried LOTS of diets, but couldn’t get my energy or weight to a comfortable place, and my anxiety was through the roof!  Then as wife and new mom in my 30s, I was too tired most days to care WHAT I ate! But I also knew that if I wanted to improve my family’s health, lose weight and have the energy to truly ENJOY life, something had to change! 💕

As I started working with a Health Coach myself, I realized making small changes was much easier than I thought!  🙌 All it took was the right information, accountability, and forgetting about perfection 😉 Just basic REAL LIFE HEALTHY LIVING, without a ton of restrictions! 🥗🥙 🍝 🍎 

If I could go from feeling EXHAUSTED all day, overweight and dealing with anxiety & thyroid symptoms for 10+ years….👉to having ENERGY again, feeling good, and in better shape post-baby than I was as a teen, I knew other busy ladies could too! 💃 😍

I decided to go back to school 📘 so I could pay this new-found freedom & knowledge forward to other women looking to eat healthier, feel better and get long-term results. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the impact it has on their health, their confidence and their entire family!👪

Here’s what has finally worked for me LONG TERM, and all the friends who I’ve had the blessing of getting to work with through Health Coaching:

👉I eat REAL FOOD 80-90% of the time, in the right portions/ratios. All family-friendly stuff, like healthy carbs, proteins, lots of good fats 🥑🥜. I avoid anything labelled diet, skinny, fat-free, sugar-free, light 🚫
👉I stream 30 minute workouts at home a few days a week, half the time with my child HANGING ON ME 😂. And I have muscle definition for the 1st time in my life 💪
👉I drink a superfood smoothie each day… not a protein shake or supplement, but one that is whole foods based, because it replaces my multi-vitamin, gives me natural energy I need to be a better Mama, and has all the pre & probiotics along with digestive enzymes for better gut health. GOOD GUT HEALTH = Better metabolism and mental health!!! (anxiety controlled me for too long!) .
👉I stay connected to my online support community, filled other BUSY MAMAS like me working on making #progressnotperfection so I never feel like I’m on this journey alone. 👯👯👯

I’m forever thankful 🙏🏼 I found this new way of life.  I never would have had the strength to change on my own, but God knew that and led me to the exact people who could help me become the best version of myself!

👉If you relate to my story and are ready to forever change your body, mind, and spirit (without feeling deprived, depressed, or alone!)  check out the “WHAT IS HEALTH COACHING” tab, or use the “CONTACT” tab so we can talk more about if this would be a good fit for you too!😍

❤ Cortney