What is Health Coaching?

FullSizeRender-2Have you ever felt OVERWHELMED trying to figure out exactly how to eat and live healthier, and make it fit into your crazy BUSY schedule?

There is SO much information out there, it can be tough sorting through fads to determine how to best fuel your body for better energy, mood, and metabolism while also relieving or preventing issues like anxiety, IBS/GERD, diabetes, thyroid & autoimmune diseases, cancer and depression.

But we first have to take care of ourselves, in order to care for everyone else! It’s like the oxygen mask on a plane right?

Enter the Health Coach,
 who can help you take small steps toward creating a custom lifestyle (not a diet!) that works long term:

• Learn how to eat more healthy foods you and your family ACTUALLY LIKE (without being obsessive or counting calories)
• Finds ways to exercise you don’t dread.
• Work on mindset & stress relief, so you can stay on track long after your Coaching Sessions end!

• Personal Health Coaching Sessions (via video chat or in person) to create a custom routine based on your goals and desired pace! Explore eating styles, meal plans, exercise options, mindset techniques and ways to enhance all areas of life through HOLISTIC HEALTH.
• Online Real Life Healthy Living Sisterhood, an accountability group led by a Health Coach, filled with ladies sharing recipes, struggles, successes and lifting each other up.
• Group Workshops like Easier Meal Planning, Essential Oils 101 for Family Health & Stress, or Healthier Grocery Shopping Tours!

Curious if this could be a good fit for you too? Send me an email at CoachCortneyGraham@gmail.com or use the “Contact” tab, and we can chat about the details. I can honestly say deciding to take back my health by focusing on SMALL STEPS was truly the best investment I have ever made…because it gave me back my life!

I can’t wait to help you on your journey to being happier and healthier, so you can better live out your God-given purpose too.

❤ Cortney